He Won't Know I've Lied... (Female Vocal)

© Echo West Music Publishing
All Rights Reserved

Verse 1
He hurries home from work
I hear the truck
And the sound of keys
Nervously I'm waiting
To give him what he needs

I don't turn the light on
Cause if I start to cry
I can say they're happy tears
And he won't know I've lied

Oooh... oooh... darkness
Give me room to hide
Paint my face in shadows
So he won't know I've lied

Verse 2
He never wanted more
Than to make me smile
And be the man
Wrapped around my finger
Like this golden wedding band

He heard me promise
I'm his until I die
So if I say there's no one else
He won't know I've lied

Repeat Chorus

God why don't you stop me
Thinking about the way
He holds our sweet baby girl
Have I lost
My world

Verse 3
Friday afternoon
In the darkened room
Of a Holiday Inn
My hands are shaking
No one's gonna win

He moves in to hold me
But I push myself free
And tell him I've stopped loving him
My family's all I need

Repeat Chorus (dropping "... I've lied")

Oooh... oooh... darkness
Oooh... oooh... darkness
Oooh... oooh... darkness
He won't know I've lied

– End –

Songwriters: Jude Jones & David Carter
Producer: Beaird Music Group, Nashville, TN
Vocals: Lisa Gregg