Wheels Turn 'Round... (Male Vocal)

© Echo West Music Publishing
All Rights Reserved

Verse 1
She called up crying from some other man’s bed
When she got home to me, she found the baby was fed
And my bag... packed
And nothing she said
Could turn me away, from the road ahead

Chorus 1
Now wheels turn ‘round and ‘round on this car
Till she’s out of my mind, and out of my heart
I’m running on faith, there’s a happier place
By never looking back on love
Now wheels turn ‘round

Verse 2
I hear from a friend she’s alone
After two long years, in a broken down home
The light in her eyes
Is a baby who’s grown
Watching her mom, fall apart when the phone...
... rings

Chorus 2
Now wheels turn ‘round and ‘round in my mind
If I’ve given her up, why do I find
I’m losing my faith, there’s a happier place
By never looking back... on...

... love, and the price I paid
When I threw it all away
My God, every map I unfold
Shows every road only goes... to her door

Verse 3
I knock at that door and I wait
A little bike on it’s side, I lift it up straight
An’ I see eyes in the window
I’m starting to shake
I’ll take the blame, if I’ve waited too late

Chorus 3
Now wheels turn ‘round and ‘round in my mind
Are the tears this time, gonna be mine...

The door opens slowly
A little girl smiles
Daddy will you help me ride
Her momma trying not to cry
As wheels turn ‘round

- End -

Songwriters: Jude Jones & David Carter
Producer: GC Music, Nashville, TN
Vocals: Jeff Carson